Active CBD oil capsules


  • Available in 30ct. and 60ct. bottles
  • Broad Spectrum
  • THC-Free
  • Water Soluble
  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Made with no unnecessary fillers, preservatives, solvents, or additives
  • Made from Non-GMO Hemp
  • Ask for a 3rd party lab and results at

In the form of a capsule, one of the simplest ways you can take CBD oil. Each Active CBD Oil softgel contains 25mg of water-soluble CBD. You can be sure that each and every capsule is of the highest quality and consistency.

Active CBD Oil softgels are unique because they are soluble in water. The formula is intended to achieve maximum bioavailability. This means that more ingredients are available on the label but they all work together to produce a water-soluble product. If you take a capsule or edible CBD, the effects often take longer than other forms of CBD to take effect.

Active CBD Oil softgels are broad-spectrum, which means traces of other small cannabinoids are present, but they have no THC. The hemp-derived terpenes in these water-soluble capsules help you get a complete experience.

Most customers take 1 to 4 capsules a day. All you need to do is swallow a small easy to swallow gel capsule – no measuring, heating, or taste! It is important to keep in mind that everyone has a unique endocannabinoid system and to find the right dose and routine for you, it may take some time to play around. Cannabidiol capsules come in many forms, however, Active CBD oil capsules were one of the first in the market to be water-soluble and broad-spectrum.

The Main Benefits OF Water Soluble CBD Products.

  • Increased Bioavailability
  • Mixes Easily into Beverages and Personal Care Products
  • Works Faster Than Other Forms Of CBD

Ingredients: ACTIVE CBD OIL™ Gold Formula (Medium Chain Triglycerides, VEDD (Vitamin E Dimer Derivative), Mono- and Diglycerides, and Fatty Acids), Natural Flavors, and Capsule Shell (Bovine Gelatin, Glycerin, and Carob Water).

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Choose 30 count or 60 count

Water Soluble MCT infused formula 30 ct, Water Soluble MCT infused formula 60 ct


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