Active CBD Oil – CBG Isolate


If you want to experience the benefits of CBG, you need to source a high-quality product. Our CBD isolate is manufactured in an ISO 7 cleanroom in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We only produce isolates that are quality tested and effective so you can be certain that you are getting a product that is pure.

  • THC-Free 
  • High Percentage CBG Isolate 

CBG isolate can be used in the same ways as CBD isolate. Isolates can be vaporized, dissolved into oil, or used to create your own infused products. Our CBG isolate is derived from organically grown, non-GMO hemp plants grown in Southern Colorado the same as our CBD products. Many customers are using CBG to aid with pressure issues, gastrointestinal issues, and inflammation.



1/4 Gram (250mgs), 1 Gram (1000mgs)


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