How much do you know about hemp products?

It is possible to shop hundreds of different hemp products online or in supermarkets today. For example, hemp is used in garments and textiles, rope and sails, food, medicine, and much more.

Actually, much of the hemp grown here in the US is used to manufacture the super-famous supplement, CBD oil. Accordingly from t-shirts to cutlery, though, we’re also seeing the rise of some new hemp products.
Have a look at what this plant has to offer. Therefore we hope you’ll try some products from hemp. And yes, you’ll be impressed by how great they are.

Clothing & Accessories

Why wear clothing made of hemp? Overall in virtually any aspect, hemp cloth has proven to be superior to its predecessors.

Hemp fiber is just more…

  • It allows your skin to breathe in a porous and breathable way.
  • Durable: the most durable fiber of any plant is hemp fiber.
  • Cotton is a water-intensive crop that uses 25% of the pesticides in the world. Eco-friendly & Safe. Hemp needs 50 percent less water than cotton to grow and no use of pesticides is needed.

For much of the hemp shirts available on the market, a little bit of organic cotton is mixed. That is to say usually, it’s a 60% Hemp/40% Cotton combination.

Mixing the hemp fiber with some organic cotton gives you elasticity.

It may be the ideal underwear cloth because hemp is antibacterial and resistant to mold and mildew… not to mention super soft and easy.
In summary, hemp will be at the core of many eco-friendly activities as the environment reflects on recycling and curbs our carbon footprint.

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