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CBD Oil Vape

CBD oil E-Liquids, Vape Additive, and Pre-filled Carts, Hemp vape oils

Urfromnature is proud to present a new selection of high potency CBD E-Liquids! Our CBD is sourced from hemp that has never been treated with herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers, and guarantee the quality and purity of the product we deliver to you.

It is also known as CBD vape juice and cannabis e-juice. It is considered a useful and beneficial way of using CBD. Using CBD e-liquid does not get a person high; it only delivers the healing properties of marijuana.

Cannabidiol, the active ingredient in CBD e-liquid, is used mostly for its medicinal properties and has been used medically long before vaping became popular.

CBD Cartridges

Our CBD cartridges are produced here in the US. It is under precise safety standards and using only all-natural components. It contains the highest quality CBD E-Liquid available on the market these days. Our hemp CBD oil includes no preservatives or fillers. and our careful blend of all-natural ingredients gives you the purest transfer of CBD possible.

When you get to the finish of the Cartridge, it may be refilled with your favorite flavor of E-Liquid – providing you the same great experience over and over again.

If you’re in the market to look for a CBD vaping experience, UrFromNature has got you handled. From Cool Spearmint Fresh Mintzz to Fruity Fusion Pink Diva, there are dozens of flavors to choose from in our exciting CBD E-LIQUIDS catalog.

This is perfect for people who are looking for an immediate effect from a CBD product.


Active CBD oil E-Liquid additive – 1000mgs


100mg Hemp CBD E-Liquid Prefilled Cartridge


250mg Hemp CBD E-Liquid Prefilled Cartridge


40mg Hemp CBD E-Liquid Prefilled Cartridge


500mg Hemp CBD E-Liquid Prefilled Cartridge


CBD Rechargeable Vape Kit 100mg


CBD Rechargeable Vape Kit 250mg


CBD Rechargeable Vape Kit 40mg


CBD Rechargeable Vape Kit 500mg


CBD Diamond E-Liquid 600mg


CBD Gold E-Liquid 300mg


CBD Silver E-Liquid 150mg