How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Quality of Life?

With a lot of buzz around medicinal marijuana and, as of late, hemp (the plants from which CBD is derived), CBD products such as Hemp oil, CBD gummies, and others have undergone an extensive amount of testing and have seen a huge surge in use and availability. I’d like to briefly talk about why THC free CBD products may improve your life, as well as the many options available to you in terms of products and routes of administration.

CBD Is Not Psychotropic

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat. Despite what might come to mind when one mentions CBD, it’s very important to note that it is nothing like the plant it is derived from – marijuana. CBD, unlike its mother plant, will not cause a “high” in its users. Nor will it cause many of the somewhat common side effects reported by new, intolerant smokers of the plant, such as anxiety, paranoia, and – in rare circumstances – mild psychedelic experiences. Pure, THC free CBD has been shown time and time again, through multiple peer-reviewed studies, to cause the exact opposite reaction in this sense. This is seen through a reduction in anxiety and even some symptoms of certain mental disorders that may cause feelings of dissociation. CBD should not be put in the same category as marijuana, nor should marijuana users seek out CBD for a thrill.

The Benefits of CBD

When compiling the studies undertaken on CBD’s positive effects, the list of ways in which it may improve one’s life is massive. Not only can it cause one to feel less baseline anxiety, depression, and lethargy, but it can also actually be used to aid in the treatment (with varying – yet often positive – results, depending on the person) of emotional disorders such as depression and a wide range of anxieties, such as General Anxiety Disorder or social phobias. It’s being tested (with generally positive results) for a wide variety of other physical and mental ailments, such as epilepsy. There are numerous positive reports of even toddlers taking it to treat dangerous, potentially life-threatening seizures, only to feel better from a couple of drops of liquid in the mouth (of course, one should speak to a doctor before giving a toddler any sort of medication, new and innovative or otherwise).

For those without any mental or physical ailments, some may find it interesting to know that CBD has become a large topic of discussion in the nootropic community for its ability to give one the extra edge they need to write those last hundred words of their essay, push out that last rep, or even just go about their day normally with more concentration and a bit of a pep in their step. A better day-to-day life has seemed as elusive as the fountain of youth until pure CBD products became so accessible.

Types of CBD Products

Unlike most supplements or ailment cures, CBD comes in a wide variety of different products, some of which are rather enjoyable. Take CBD gummies, for example. When shopping on websites like Ur From Nature, you’ll be able to enjoy access to a larger variety of such products than you would when shopping in stores, assuming such stores exist in your country, state, or province. It’s important to take into account what the CBD will be used for when purchasing a product. If using them for general nootropic purposes, the aforementioned CBD gummies would be a great choice. If using it to combat certain symptoms that require sporadic use of CBD with a quick onset, CBD oil can be a great choice. Depending on the oil chosen, some people have even had success using it in a device similar to those which vaporize nicotine. For a constant flow of CBD for those always on the go, CBD patches can work great. If one product doesn’t feel right for you, keep in mind that the effects and rate of onset can vary depending on the product used, so it might be worth shopping around.

CBD Myths

We’ve already covered the fact that, unlike marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive (in fact, you can even buy hemp oil to ensure your CBD has nothing to do with marijuana if it makes you feel more at ease). There are many other myths regarding CBD, however, which have gotten in the way of many people seeking relief of symptoms or simply a better life, depending on the individual.

For example, many people are under the impression that one needs to consume a certain amount of THC to activate the positive effects of CBD. And while this isn’t completely false, it’s not completely true either. While the simultaneous ingestion of both chemicals can lead to different effects, certain benefits of CBD are better felt with pure CBD or hemp oil. Many will testify, for example, that even the smallest amount of THC can cause them anxiety, while pure CBD does the opposite. The same goes for seizures, nootropic benefits, and even add/adhd–while it’s true that certain individuals may receive more benefits than others, it’s been shown that CBD alone works perfectly fine on its own when used on its own for these purposes.

Lastly, a minority of people may believe that marijuana causes side effects and that, because it contains CBD, CBD products must also cause these side effects. However, it’s worth noting that pure CBD has been proven time and time again to be perfectly safe and has been shown to function in a way, not at all like the popular recreational drug. Even when compared to many pharmaceuticals, the side-effect profile for CBD is extremely low despite its long list of benefits.


In closing, we at know that everyone could use a break once in a while, whether it be from certain symptoms or the general challenges of life. And with all of its benefits and relative lack of downsides, more and more people are coming to realize that CBD gives them that extra boost they deserve. Whichever walk of life you come from, there’s a good chance that CBD could be just what you need to start each day with a smile on your face.



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